Financial Intelligence

Get your accounting data the way you want it, when you want it.

You need historical information like fuel volumes, historical costs, replacement costs, and rack costs to make informed pricing decisions and to report performance. But many times, that information resides in different systems and is nearly impossible to retrieve when you need it.

The PriceAdvantage Financial Intelligence component streams all this information into a single database and presents it in a clear, meaningful format. The historical data is presented alongside real-time pricing information and your pricing strategy to help you make immediate, informed pricing decisions. We simply remove the frustrating wait and delays caused by manual processes.

With PriceAdvantage Financial Intelligence, you can:

  • Automatically import fuel volume sales, wholesale cost, and margins.

  • Examine rack costs for branded and unbranded competitors.

  • Analyze the effectiveness of your fuel pricing strategy with intelligent volume data.

  • Visualize trends and make course corrections.

Stop waiting for critical data from accounting, and start getting the right price to the right stores right now.

“The integration with PDI presents daily fuel sales at each location, allowing me to easily tap into trends and adjust our retail pricing strategy accordingly.”

Lance Gentry
Lance Gentry,
Director of Fuels and Information Technology, Kocolene

Pre-built Integrations

The Spinx Company Saves 19,180 Man-hours Annually

Spinx store managers spent several hours each day focused on administrative tasks like data entry rather than helping customers. Additionally, muddled and cumbersome processes reduced company profits. The Spinx Company turned to industry innovator PriceAdvantage for help. The result:

  • Spinx now push changes to point-of-sale systems (POS), pumps, and price signs, and confirms price changes with one click.

  • Reduced time wasted on data entry a whopping 75 percent.

  • Provided store managers 274 more hours in front of customers per store per year, a total of 19,180 hours each year.

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