Competitive Intelligence

View competitor prices alongside current, strategy, and economic model prices.

The tedious, manual process of gathering and comparing third-party competitive fuel pricing data can often create pricing delays and errors which ultimately impact your margins. By centralizing all of your competitive pricing information into one interface alongside your business rules, goals, and notifications, you can respond to market changes more confidently—and quickly—to help you increase margins and profitability.

The PriceAdvantage Competitive Intelligence component boasts pre-built integrations with the industry’s leading third-party competitive pricing data sources to quickly aggregate automatic data feeds with store surveys and other data sources to present a comprehensive, real-time view of the market.

With PriceAdvantage Competitive Intelligence, you can:

  • Import and aggregate competitive pricing data from OPIS, GasBuddy, and store surveys.

  • Monitor competitive price changes—hour by hour.

  • Import and review OPIS competitor rack cost data—along with historical data.

  • Quickly make fuel pricing decisions based on your business rules and strategy.

Collecting third-party competitive data can be a challenge, but viewing that data in a meaningful context alongside other fuel pricing criteria like performance to date and monthly goals  is made easy with PriceAdvantage. Reference a centralized repository of competitive data, establish new prices, post them to pumps and store signage, and receive price change confirmation all in a matter of minutes.

“Now we can communicate our fuel prices faster and easier in a matter of minutes through PriceAdvantage and OpenStore, both at the store and online.”

Greg Parker
Greg Parker,
CEO, Parker Companies

Pre-built Integrations

Smart Teams and Smart Systems Save Sheetz $141,000

When Sheetz wanted to reduce expenses at 360 convenience stores, Mark Wilson, Director of Store Support, turned to PriceAdvantage to streamline and automate processes. The decision resulted in:

  • Estimated $141,000 annual savings in maintenance service costs.

  • Additional $460,000 annual savings is expected from pending software integrations.

  • Onsite service calls dropped 49% because of the ability to remotely reset price signs.

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