PriceAdvantage Control Center

Centralize your pricing strategy to gain control, increase speed-to-market, and improve margins.

Fuel retailers, large and small, face many of the same challenges—the most common one being the manual processes surrounding fuel price management and the resulting delays and errors caused by them. From a single, easy-to-use interface, PriceAdvantage can help you streamline your fuel pricing processes, enabling you to push the right price to the right stores at the right time.

The PriceAdvantage Control Center supports your unique pricing strategy by allowing you to customize and execute on your specific business rules and conditions, which can be as basic as automatically matching specific competitors or a completely optimized pricing method that includes economic modeling and price change confirmation. It centralizes and presents critical business data in a clear and meaningful way, replaces the need for multiple spreadsheets, and enables you to make rapid, informed price changes.

Streamline your fuel-pricing strategy.

  • Establish business rules for each location, including pricing strategy against competitors, goals, and spreads.

  • Enter competitive data via store or headquarters. View stores with late surveys.

  • View and accept proposed prices for multiple stores.

  • Manage by exception. Review and approve only those stores prices that do not meet established criteria.

  • View and schedule price changes, including promotions and time/day trends.

  • Receive price change confirmation—with date and time stamp.

  • Drill down to view all store commodities, current price, daily volumes, margins, targets, and historical performance.

  • View your stores and nearby competitors via the Google Maps widget.

  • Receive alerts for late competitor surveys, sign errors, pending and late price changes, offline stores, and POS errors.

“It’s a penny up, penny down game. PriceAdvantage presents the information I need in a simple, single view so I can review each store quickly and determine the price I want posted to the street.”

Rob Rinehart - Director of Retail Petroleum, Royal Farms

Royal Farms Saves a Half Penny per Gallon - Driving Record Fuel Sales and Profitability

Royal Farms needed to more efficiently and effectively manage fuel prices. Partnering with PriceAdvantage, the retailer took a simple, three-step approach and immediately realized increased profits.

  • Step 1: Fuel pricing decisions were centralized and made at the home office.

  • Step 2: Skyline electronic price signs were installed, allowing price changes from inside the store.

  • Step 3: Price changes are made at POS, pumps, and price signs at all 105 stores within minutes instead of days.

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