Immediately learn about market changes, missed deadlines, and escalations.

Uncertainty is the enemy of productivity. Do you wonder if all of your store managers have submitted their price surveys? Do you know if they have implemented the prices changes sent earlier that day? What about competitor price changes—who’s watching?

The PriceAdvantage Notifications component provides you peace of mind and removes time consuming manual processes by automating reminders and alerts. Simply “set and forget” the business rules for your notification process. Add/change rules at any time. You have the freedom to use PriceAdvantage to support your unique fuel pricing strategy.

PriceAdvantage can send instant texts and emails to:

  • Remind store managers of upcoming survey deadlines.

  • Notify headquarters of late competitive price surveys or price changes.

  • Alert headquarters of system errors or if stores have not changed prices.

  • Enables store employees to convey urgent information, such as “4 pumps bagged at competitor across the street.”

These automatic notifications save your staff significant time and allow you to manage by exception, creating streamlined processes throughout your organization.

“PriceAdvantage has saved Spinx store managers an estimated 45 per minutes per day as they no longer enter volume or sales data. Additionally, we are implementing price changes faster and more accurately than ever as PriceAdvantage changes prices from the POS to the pump and electronic price signs with one click.”

Stewart Spinks
Stewart Spinks,
Founder, The Spinx Co

Smart Teams and Smart Systems Save Sheetz $141,000

When Sheetz wanted to reduce expenses at 360 convenience stores, Mark Wilson, Director of Store Support, turned to PriceAdvantage to streamline and automate processes. The decision resulted in:

  • Estimated $141,000 annual savings in maintenance service costs.

  • Additional $460,000 annual savings is expected from pending software integrations.

  • Onsite service calls dropped 49% because of the ability to remotely reset price signs.

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