Market Share Business Intelligence

Now You Have a Current, Timely, and Reliable Resource for Market Share Data

Market Share Business Intelligence by PriceAdvantage is a cloud-based solution that provides critical market share data, including your brand location’s visit counts and your competitors’ visit counts. Now you can make better decisions for your entire business based on reliable data.

Learn strategic market information, such as:

  • Your market share and outlet share relative to the competition.
  • How customer visits fluctuate by day of the week.
  • Which markets are saturated and those that are underserved.

The pre-configured data analysis helps you quickly discover how market variables, including promotions, pricing, and seasonal trends, impact customer behavior. The visitor data can be easily exported and leveraged in other Business Intelligence (BI) tools, such as Tableau.

Market Share Business Intelligence data gives you the power to compare your site visits to those of convenience stores, gyms, coffee shops, quick serve restaurants, and any other place of business you would consider a competitor or a point of interest.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Historical year-over-year, month-over-month, week-over-week trend reports compare your site's traffic seasonality to the competition.
  • Drill-down from state, to county, to city, to zip code and compare market foot traffic by brand or location.

Site Performance

  • Benchmark both market share and outlet share for a brand location's ability to capture the addressable market.
  • Discover patterns in peak visitation by day of week, by month, or by season.
  • Measure the impact of new product offerings, specials, and pricing strategies.
  • Learn your visit patterns for each day of the week and maximize the returns of rewards programs.

Site Selection

  • Identify the best areas for new growth based on markets that are under-served and markets that are saturated.
  • Learn which sites are near places where visitors already congregate or travel.
  • Evaluate historical visit counts for locations that are under consideration for potential acquisition.
  • Predict foot traffic and project capture rates for new build sites.

Subscribe as a stand-alone resource for your entire business line. Offered as a SaaS solution (no IT resources required). Compatible with PriceAdvantage Fuel Pricing Software.

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