Push the right price to the
right stores at the right time.

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Software to Fuel Your Pricing Strategy

From a single, easy-to-use interface, PriceAdvantage can help you streamline your fuel pricing processes, enabling you to push the right price to the right stores at the right time.

  • Gain control of your fuel pricing - reduce manual processes and human errors.

  • Use your unique pricing strategy by store, region, or entire chain.

  • Increase margins by posting new prices to POS, signs, and pumps in 15 minutes or less.

As a division of Skyline Products, the proud manufacturer of American-made fuel pricing signs since 1970, PriceAdvantage understands the challenges fuel marketers face every day in determining and implementing the right retail fuel price.

Rapid, Informed Price Changes

Be Up-And-Running in Just Weeks!


Select Desired Components

Purchase only what you need to support your unique pricing strategy.


Enjoy Rapid Implementation

Our pre-built integrations with POS and backend systems makes it easy.


Make Faster, Informed Price Changes

Easy-to-use dashboards, robust data, one-click price changes.

PriceAdvantage Components

PriceAdvantage Control Center

Gain control of your fuel pricing from a single, easy-to-use interface. This core component centralizes and presents critical pricing data in a clear and meaningful way and enables you to make rapid, informed price changes based on your specific business rules and conditions.


Update fuel prices from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere. Make critical pricing decisions on-the-go with a fully optimized mobile experience. Simply use any mobile device – smart phone or tablet – to access the same full functionality you experience from a desktop.


Reduce manual processes and errors by connecting your fuel pricing analysts directly to the store, creating full-circle price management. Push prices changes directly to your POS solution, pumps, and signs then receive automated price change confirmation.

Competitive Intelligence

Pre-built integrations with the industry’s leading competitive pricing data sources allow PriceAdvantage to quickly aggregate automatic data feeds with store surveys and other data sources to present a comprehensive, real-time view of the market.

Financial Intelligence

Integrates your accounting and back-end systems to easily extract those specific data points that are critical to fuel marketing. The historical data is presented alongside real-time pricing information to help you make immediate, informed pricing decisions.


Instant access to store and organizational performance, including information related to volume, margin, commodity, and competitor data. Easily analyze any store, any commodity, for any date range – allowing you to pin point those stores that over/under perform.


Gives company and dealer operated convenience stores a single platform to analyze complete wholesale, dealer, and competitor fuel pricing strategies, manage pricing and margins, and revise pump prices and electronic fuel price signs in as little as five minutes.


Gain immediate access to customized, detailed reports and historical information that help fuel your unique pricing strategy and business goals. View real-time data regarding volumes, margins, competitor pricing, and replacement costs.


Easily set the business rules for automated reminders and alerts. Receive texts or emails when competitors change prices, store managers submit price surveys, or confirmation that price changes have been made – or missed.

Be up-and-running in just weeks! Our customers are amazed at how fast and easy it is to start using PriceAdvantage. Of course, times vary based on the type of hosting/deployment selected, number of stores, and the various PriceAdvantage components chosen. We collaborate with your team to ensure all stores are brought on with accuracy.

PriceAdvantage is very easy to use. As stated by one customer, ”The software is so intuitive even those who have never used it can do so effectively in 5 to 10 minutes." Training for customers using the basic core components can be done just a few hours, additional components requires slightly more. Full product training takes days - not weeks!

With an easy-to-use and reliable product, we hope you won't need to contact us very often. However, we are here if you need us! Our robust self-service knowledge base and responsive support team is dedicated to providing you a timely resolution.

The Spinx Company Saves 19,180 Man-hours Annually

Using PriceAdvantage, Spinx now updates prices at point-of-sale systems (POS), pumps, and price signs, and receives price change confirmation—all with one click.

  • Reduced time wasted on data entry a whopping 75 percent.

  • Simultaneously reduced errors.

  • Provided store managers 274 more hours in front of customers per store per year, a total of 19,180 hours each year.

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