Chart your course to success with real-time analytics.

If you are like most fuel marketers, generating accurate reports can be excruciating. With multiple, disparate systems it can take days—even weeks—to report how volumes, margins, and profits are trending at each store and for the company overall compared to targets and historical performance.

The robust data presented in the PriceAdvantage Analytics component provides you a real-time snapshot of store and organizational performance compared to goals and historical information. Easily analyze performance information related to volume, margin, commodity, and competitor data. Easily analyze any store, any commodity, for any date range—allowing you to pin point those stores that over or under perform.

Instantly analyze single or multiple store performance against:

  • Commodities

  • Volumes

  • Margins

  • Competitors

  • Easily view store dashboards

“PriceAdvantage gives us the pricing history of our stores and competitors as well as the ability to measure volume and margin performance, something that wasn’t easily accessible in the past.”

Lance Gentry
Lance Gentry,
Director of Fuels and Information Technology, Kocolene

Royal Farms Saves a Half Penny per Gallon - Driving Record Fuel Sales and Profitability

Royal Farms needed to more efficiently and effectively manage fuel prices. Partnering with PriceAdvantage, the retailer took a simple, three-step approach and immediately realized increased profits.

  • Step 1: Fuel pricing decisions were centralized and made at the home office.

  • Step 2: Skyline electronic price signs were installed, allowing price changes from inside the store.

  • Step 3: Price changes are made at POS, pumps, and price signs at all 105 stores within minutes instead of days.

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