Seamless integrations enable real-time price changes and confirmation.

Your retail fuel price is optimized only when it is at the store and implemented for your customers. Yet, this most critical step in full-circle price management is often hindered by manual price changes which are often time consuming and a common source of human error.

Use the PriceAdvantage Store component—the connection between you, your pricing analysts, and the store—to create full-circle price automation. This component allows you to push prices changes that fall within your business rules directly to your POS solution, pumps, and signs. Once prices are changed on the signs and at the pumps a price change confirmation is sent from the POS system to your PriceAdvantage Control Center interface.  

Using the PriceAdvantage Store component, you can:

  • Maximize profits by promptly pushing price changes to store POS, signs, and pumps.

  • Reduce errors and labor-intensive, on-site processes.

  • Receive alerts for stores that have not updated pricing and confirmation for those that have.

  • Establish each store’s POS commodity groups and pricing for tiers from headquarters, remote offices, or a mobile device.

  • Out-of-box integration with Skyline price signs, including remote diagnostics and patented full-loop price change confirmation.

Integrating every device at the site allows you to control price changes remotely.  With PriceAdvantage, price changes can be performed from thousands of miles away, even from a mobile device, and confirmed in a matter of minutes. 

“We saved half a penny per gallon driving record fuel sales and profitability in the first year. This was largely due to automation with PriceAdvantage software and Skyline's electronic price signs.”

Rob Rinehart - Director of Retail Petroleum, Royal Farms

CEFCO Experience Significant ROI - Both in Revenue and Man-Hours

CEFCO was tired of leaving profits on the table. The company battled operational inefficiencies including a lengthy fuel pricing process, disparate systems, fuel pricing errors at stores, and price changes hitting the streets too late. PriceAdvantage enabled CEFCO to:

  • Collect data from 124 stores in minutes.

  • Analyze store data and impose price changes in less than an hour, a fraction of the time it used to take.

  • Increase control of and accountability for price changes.

  • Raise profits with immediate price adjustments to the changing market.

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