Use a single tool to price both dealer and company owned stores.

Setting the right price for both company owned and dealer stores is becoming incredibly challenging. Compiling all of the critical competitive prices, replacement costs, and margin goals—including cash, credit, and reward pricing—is time consuming and cumbersome.  

The PriceAdvantage Dealer component expands your pricing capabilities by providing a single, comprehensive view of all of the critical data required to effectively manage your pricing strategy for both company and dealer owned stores. You can easily view wholesale, dealer, and competitor fuel prices alongside current and historical volumes and margins to help establish new prices and post them to pumps and digital fuel signs in as few as five minutes.

With PriceAdvantage Dealer, you can:

  • Quickly view and change wholesale prices.

  • Hand-enter dealer retail prices or import from OPIS Radius Reports.

  • View current and historical wholesale margin.

  • Compare actual volumes to goals and contracted amounts.

Manage fuel pricing for dealer stores by viewing side-by-side comparisons of wholesale, dealer retail, and competitor prices and margins, revealing a complete picture of the overall market to ensure profitability across the entire company. Quickly and accurately price fuel to ensure you are hitting your margins at all locations.

PriceAdvantage allows you to incorporate business rules that account for a wide range of market variables. Executing pricing based on those strategies (in minutes rather than hours or days) results in both the right price at every store and optimized profits.

“The software gives us instant insight into each market, and updates store prices in just seconds, so we can quickly capitalize on every market change. As a result, we see increases in profit per gallon, which more than justifies the software investment, several times over. We also appreciate the excellent customer service that backs it all up, and recommend it to others.”

Jeff Bush
Jeff Bush,
Director of Fuel Management, The Parker Companies

The Parker Companies Increase Margins and Build Brand

Parker’s recognized that in order to effectively compete in the fuel market, they needed to gain real-time insight into margins and volumes as well as automate their fuel-pricing processes. Using PriceAdvantage, they can now efficiently:

  • Complete competitive price audits and review proposed pricing against business rules.

  • Push prices to the POS, pumps, and electronic price sign.

  • Receive price change confirmations from all 36 stores in a matter of minutes.

  • The added bonus – it can be done using any mobile device!

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