US hydrogen fuel cell car sales
decreased in 2022

  • US hydrogen fuel cell car sales
    decreased in 2022

    According to InsideEVs, US hydrogen fuel cell sales decreased in 2022.

    Only a total of nearly 15,000 hydrogen-powered cars were sold in the past 11 years. The Toyota Marai accounts for 11,000 of that number.

    Inhibitors to growth of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market include

    • price of the car
    • overall energy efficiency
    • lack of refueling infrastructure
    • limited number of models
    • limited geographical availability – basically only California

    There are just two models of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles available in California, the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo.

    According to their website, InsideEVs was created not only to publish the breaking news of the day about electric vehicles, but to dissect it, promote it, and, most importantly, examine the how, what, and why of electric vehicles.

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