EVs becoming mainstream

  • EVs becoming mainstream

    NACS published an interesting article titled “EVs Are Hitting the Mainstream“. Here are some highlights:

    1. EV purchasers have morphed from tech aficionados to “the early majority, which is when the first sizable segment of the population begins to adopt the innovation”
    2. Sales of EVs are up 70% YOY through September 2022 as compared to ICEs where sales are down 15%
    3. Chevy is one of multiple car companies that are introducing EVs in the $30,000 price range next year
    4. Safe, readily available charging stations are still a concern

    It’s this last bullet that is relevant to the c-store industry. Fuel retailers would be wise to follow industries such as Casey’s, Maverik, Sheetz, and Spinx, and focus their attention on adding charging stations in strategic locations.


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