Announcing version 2021.1.3

  • Announcing version 2021.1.3

    The PriceAdvantage team is excited to announce the general availability of PriceAdvantage version 2021.1.3. With this release, PriceAdvantage delivers a more user-friendly price changing screen that requires fewer mouse clicks. This release is a perfect example of how our team places a strong emphasis on building user-friendly software based on customer feedback.

    This is our fourth release of the year. The PriceAdvantage team uses Agile software development best practices to rapidly build and deliver iterative releases throughout the year, always staying in close contact with the latest needs of our customers.

    Please contact your Account Representative, or anyone on our Support team, to learn more about this new release, to schedule a demonstration, and to arrange for an upgrade. Upgrades typically take less than one hour.

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