Welcome, Mountain Express

  • Welcome, Mountain Express

    The PriceAdvantage team would like to welcome Mountain Express as our newest customer and partner. Mountain Express operates in a commission model, as a wholesale distributor. The company will utilize PriceAdvantage to streamline and automate site-specific fuel pricing strategies for 70 commission sites throughout the United States.

    Mountain Express selected PriceAdvantage based on the software’s ability to consolidate critical market data, such as OPIS data feeds and wholesale replacement costs, to help optimize fuel prices then push those prices to the store point-of-sale system, price signs, and pumps and then finally verify that those price changes were made. Removal of store staff from the pricing process makes Mountain Express attractive to retailers who are interested in the commission model and will help fuel the chain’s future growth.

    “Our business model is very attractive to retailers interested in converting to commission sites. By automating fuel pricing from our headquarters to each store site, we alleviate store personnel from the time-consuming task of conducting competitor surveys and posting daily prices,” shared Ali Husain, Mountain Express COO. “Additionally, PriceAdvantage allows us to utilize our own algorithm and pricing strategies to establish competitive prices that will attract customers, give them choices, entice them to loyalty programs and deliver a first class consumer experience – as well as help us maximize fuel volumes and profitability.”

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