The power of customer partnerships

  • The power of customer partnerships

    Earlier this week we had the pleasure of hosting one of our customers to our corporate headquarters. If this were a standard sales and management update it would not stand out as being anything particularly special. But this meeting was different because we took the time to introduce our customer visitors to the PriceAdvantage development team.

    We have never believed it makes sense to take our software development offshore, no matter how much it may seem to be cost effective when you run the numbers. Software development agility that can quickly respond to the changing demands of the market and customer base can only be achieved when the folks building the software are co-located with the product management, sales and marketing groups.

    And this week we could see the benefits in person when one of our customer fuel managers who uses PriceAdvantage every day shook the hand of each of our developers, looked each one in the eye, and said thank you. Our development team could hear directly from one of our customers that what they build matters and is appreciated. That meeting will make a lasting impact because when our development team builds new features, they will be able to think back and see in their mind’s eye the person for whom they’re writing code. And when our customer upgrades to the latest PriceAdvantage version, they’ll be able to remember that our development team is not far away, taking to heart their ongoing product needs.

    My mantra has always been that customer collaboration creates lifelong customers by creating partnerships. This week we saw this partner relationship in person.

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