Retail fuel margins rise to mid-June levels

  • Retail fuel margins rise to mid-June levels

    The OPIS report today revealed a restoration of retail fuel margins back to levels last seen June 13. The average retail fuel margin rose $0.038 per gallon this week to $0.195 per gallon. That’s still a far cry from this same time last year where the average retail fuel margin was over ten cents higher at $0.302 per gallon.

    The year to date and last six week retail fuel margin averages were both up $0.001 per gallon, at $0.165 and $0.174 per gallon respectively.

    This week last year the retail fuel margin average took a $0.13 nose dive to $0.171 per gallon. If we can hold our retail fuel margin average steady this week, we’ll be back over the number last year, which would be the first time since June 13.

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