Retail fuel margins lose two cents

  • Retail fuel margins lose two cents

    May finished with a whimper as retail fuel margins dropped $0.023 per gallon according to the OPIS report released today. The average retail fuel margin across the US is now $0.165 per gallon, returning to the level last seen four weeks ago.

    The year to date average is $0.162 while the Q2 average is $0.168 and the six week average is $0.185.

    This equivalent week last year, retail fuel margins jumped $0.09 per gallon. With the drop this year and the increase last year, the current retail fuel margin now stands $0.053 per gallon below this time last year. That marks the first time since May 2 that retail fuel margins this year are below last year.

    Now that the Memorial Day holiday is behind us, we settle into the strong and steady summer driving volumes. From a fuel price management perspective, that means careful monitoring of margins and using every trick of the trade to maximize and optimize so we can get the most of what this season has to offer. Often times that means making multiple price changes in a single day, especially when the store manager at the competitor across the street has gone home for the day and there is no one there to respond to your price changes. Thanks to the patented technology licensed exclusively to PriceAdvantage, rapid and frequent price changes are as easy as clicking a mouse and watching the magic happen.

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