Retail fuel margins improve

  • Retail fuel margins improve

    The OPIS report today reveals a $0.038 increase in retail fuel margins this week. National retail fuel margins across the US now stand at an average of $0.256 per gallon, which is $0.132 above the margins for the same week one year ago, when national averages were a measly $0.124 per gallon.

    The year to date average across the US now stands at $0.182 per gallon while the Q2 average is at $0.205 per gallon. The six week average stands at $0.189, and since Memorial Day the average is $0.208 per gallon.

    These are proving to be the strong months of profitable margins and traditionally high summer gallons. Now is the time to make the most of these summer days in anticipation of decreasing volumes.

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