Retail fuel margins rebound

  • Retail fuel margins rebound

    According to the latest OPIS report, retail fuel margins rebounded this week, more than making up for the margin decrease of last week.

    Average retail fuel margins now stand at $0.176 per gallon across the US, up $$0.076 per gallon from last week. The average retail fuel margins year to date stand unchanged at $0.177 per gallon. The retail fuels average for July dipped slightly to $0.187 per gallon. The US six week average improved $0.004 per gallon from last week to $0.204 per gallon. Average retail fuel margins since Memorial Day are $0.201 per gallon.

    As we track these industry benchmark averages in this fuel price management blog, the question is, how easy is it to use your fuel software to report the retail fuel margins of your organization for each of these time frames? In Skyline PriceAdvantage, the Margin Analysis view presents a quick way to view margins across different markets, for specified commodity products, in preset periods of time, as well as ad hoc date ranges. The results appear in real time, and then can be exported for use in management reports. It is this insight that allows you to optimize retail fuel margins and volumes, market by market, and store by store.

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