TravelCenters of America to open natural gas stations

  • TravelCenters of America to open natural gas stations

    In anticipation of growth in the emerging liquid natural gas market, TravelCenters of America announced an agreement with Shell where TA will provide LNG truck stations at up to 100 locations along US interstate highways.

    These natural gas stations will be specifically for large over the road trucks. Shell will construct at least two natural gas fueling lanes at each location and bear the burden of the cost at each location. Shell will then provide the natural gas at each location. Both Shell and TA will market the natural gas fuel to their customers.

    The two companies are hopeful that the first locations may be operational within one year’s time.

    From a fuel price management perspective, this is another market indicator that natural gas, specifically LNG for large trucks, may soon be taking away noticeable market share from traditional fuels volumes. According to the US Department of Energy Alternative Fueling Station Indicator, there are approximately 28 public LNG stations in the US currently.

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