US EIA Reportings

  • US EIA Reportings

    US EIA reports gasoline fuel consumption increases in April and May over 2011.

    In the US Energy Information Administration report “Today in Energy” dated August 13, 2012, the US EIA reported gasoline consumption was up slightly in April and May this year compared to last. Bucking the trend going on for years, April 2012 showed a one month consumption increase of 55 thousand bbl/d compared to 2011. May 2012 showed a consumption increase of 200 thousand bbl/d compared to the same month previous year.

    U.S. gasoline consumption peaked in 2007 at 9.3 million bbl/d and fell by an average of 3.2% (300 thousand bbl/d) in 2008 due to the recession and high gasoline prices, which topped $4 per gallon in June and July 2008. Gasoline consumption remained flat the next two years, increasing by just 0.1% in 2009 and falling slightly in 2010. In 2011 gasoline consumption fell by 2.9% (260 thousand bbl/d) from the year before.

    The first three months of this year, gasoline consumption averaged 124 thousand bbl/d lower compared to last year.

    From a Fuel Price Management perspective, this data is critical for comparing overall market size fluctuations vs. differences year over year, and manipulating the gasoline pricing strategy for various markets.

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