Fuel Demand

  • Fuel Demand

    If the proposed Federal government Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards of 54.5 mpg in 2025 are adapted, there would be a reduction in retail fuel consumption of 44% . In other words, nearly half of the retail fuel transactions would be gone in 13 years.

    And though electric autos are beginning to come to market, information provided by the US Department of Energy leads NACS to project that even as far into the future as 2035, we will see liquid fuels making up 96% of the energy used to move American consumers.

    From a fuel price management perspective, we can expect retail fuel demand trends to continue their decline far into the future, and retail fuel pricing to continue to be more and more competitive. Though there will be fewer fuel transactions, by and large the fuel transactions will be liquid based, not electric plug-ins. The c-store fuel business continues to be a volume game, and fuel pricing software is critical for monitoring performance against retail fuel volume targets, and adjusting margins to maintain the competitive edge that allows stores, markets, and regions to hit the volume targets throughout the entire year.

    NACS Online has a great video explaining the future of fuels on their website here.

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