Price Gouging

  • Price Gouging

    The Governor of Massachusetts has directed state inspectors to intensify searches for fuel price gouging, according to the Boston Globe. Barbara Anthony, the Massachusetts undersecretary of consumer affairs and business regulation, said the state wants to make sure “no one’s even thinking about price-gouging.” Ms. Anthony has assigned more inspectors to audit gas stations.

    The inspectors will also check for fuel price discrepancies between sign and pump, where signs are advertising a lower price.

    From a fuel price management perspective, it’s critical for Massachusetts c-stores to make sure fuel price changes go through properly, pricing the sign in line with the pump, sign first when prices go up, pump first when prices go down. The PriceAdvantage fuel pricing software solution maintains the correct sequence for fuel price increases and decreases, in order to maintain legal pricing. The PriceAdvantage solution also provides a complete audit trail of retail store and competitor fuel prices, cost, and margin (both actual and replacement), on a daily basis. This makes it quick to respond to auditors who make accusations of fuel price gouging.

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