Arco will accept credit card payments again

  • Arco will accept credit card payments again

    NACS Online reported today that after 30 years of not allowing credit card payments at the fuel pump, Arco will now allow customers to use credit cards. Arco will advertise cash and credit fuel pricing on their fuel price signs.

    The change in the Arco fuel price management strategy has already begun in Seattle and is expected to spread to the remaining Arco stores throughout the US west of the Rockies.

    Since 1982, Arco has only accepted cash, debit and gas cards. A return to credit cards by Arco could have a major impact on pump prices in western states where the company and Costco often vie for the title of lowest-priced fuel retailer in the market, experts say.

    The NACS article continues: “There’s no telling what the landscape would be like as to price and volume rankings if Arco is going to accept credit cards market-wide, but such a decision will be the second massive game-changing move in three decades, by the same brand,” says petroleum marketing analyst Trilby Lundberg.

    “Everyone, from Chevron to Costco, and of course consumers, would be affected if Arco dumps its ultra low-price strategy. Brand loyalty would be transformed in one way or another. Arco’s price personality may or may not be revolutionized, but it would be affected not only by its taking credit cards but by the reactions of its competitors,” Lundberg added.

    The fuel price differential between Arco and Costco has shrunk dramatically over the years, causing speculation for the basis of this change in Arco’s fuel price management strategy.

    Fuel Pricing Analysts will be watching each of their markets carefully to see the impact of this fuel price strategy change across their competitors, and the fuel volume and margin impact. No question this is a significant change to the fuel pricing landscape.

    The full NACS article may be found here.

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