CEFCO Convenience Stores Expands Partnership with Skyline

  • CEFCO Convenience Stores Expands Partnership with Skyline

    PriceAdvantage, a division of Skyline Products, announced today that CEFCO Convenience Stores has added 71 sites to its ongoing partnership. The new sites will be implementing PriceAdvantage, a fuel price management solution that has proven to be invaluable to CEFCO, across its network. The new sites are in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

    “PriceAdvantage has increased our efficiency across the fuel pricing process but most significantly in the time it takes us to price our 194 sites”, says Brett Giesick, Chief Retail Officer of CEFCO Convenience Stores. “We have found that it takes us only 1-2 hours to complete price changes across the network, including updates to the POS, pump and electronic price signs. So naturally it was an easy decision to include the additional new sites in our partnership with Skyline.”

    Aaron McHugh, Head of PriceAdvantage division, adds “We are elated that CEFCO has seen such an improvement in their fuel pricing process with PriceAdvantage, and we’re excited to be a part of their success.”

    PriceAdvantage is a highly specialized retail fuel pricing solution for the Convenience Store industry, designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a retailer’s pricing process. PriceAdvantage provides automation for the entire fuel pricing process, from collection of competitive surveys, to efficient and detailed analysis for best price determination, to rapid speed-to-the-street price change execution. The ability to change prices immediately at the POS, fuel pumps and electronic price signs from the centralized headquarters location with one click makes the solution unique in the industry.

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