Diesel Fuel Consumption Up, E85 Down

  • Diesel Fuel Consumption Up, E85 Down

    According to NACS Online, demand for Diesel fuel in the US is on the rise, while demand for E85 is on the decline.

    While still not at its 2006 peak demand where it reached 4% of the fuel market, demand for Diesel this year is back up to 2.2% of the market, with a projected increase of 2.9% by 2013.

    Meanwhile, E85 has fallen from its 2008 peak down to 1.4% market share this year. Supporters of E85 explain the decrease on what they see as a standard cyclical pattern of E85 fuel use, impacted by the relative price of gasoline.

    While these statistical numbers are valid across the US as a whole, each Fuel Manager must carefully monitor trends of Diesel and E85 on a market by market basis. For example, the largest US branded retail chain of E85 is Cenex, and they report a 20% increase in E85 this year. In Minnesota, however, E85 is down 25% from its peak level in 2008.

    Only by carefully monitoring trends in in each of his markets can the Fuel Manager be sure his Fuel Price Management strategies are being successful.

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