PCATS Motor Fuels Working Group Mission

  • PCATS Motor Fuels Working Group Mission

    The c-store industry is lucky to have the PCATS (Petroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards) organization to facilitate the cooperation and collaboration between customers, service providers and vendors in the c-store ecosystem. One of the sub-groups in PCATS is the Motor Fuels working group.

    The Motor Fuels working group promotes electronic communication between retail fuel buyers, suppliers and delivery vendors to:

    1. Manage fuel inventory levels
    2. Minimize freight and transportation costs
    3. Provide speed of order placement
    4. Improve speed of response to demand changes
    5. Manage fuel pricing and monitor competitor pricing


    The Motor Fuels Working Group established the standards currently implemented by retailers, jobbers and major oil companies using bills of lading, electronic funds transfers, credit card settlements, invoices and fuel pricing.

    In 2010 the committee will focus on:

    1. Developing use cases for existing wholesale fuel and distribution standards
    2. Refining existing standards as needed to ease implementation
    3. Developing use cases for retail fuel price management and competitive price collection
    4. Define an implementation roadmap for new standards

    Yours truly sits on the PCATS Motor Fuels working group, and I’ll be providing insight into the vendor and customer needs around managing fuel pricing and using fuel pricing software. The next meeting is scheduled to be held during NACSTech in New Orleans May 4-6. I’ll keep blogging to keep you up to speed regarding decisions made by this working group.

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