Parkland USA names
Donna Sanker as President

  • Parkland USA names
    Donna Sanker as President

    Convenience Store Decisions announced that Parkland USA has named Donna Sanker as president. The article can be found here.

    Sanker has led Parkland’s Canadian segments since 2019, during which time she provided strong leadership and strengthened Parkland’s Canadian business.

    “As president of our USA Segment, Donna will now lead and support our team and strengthen our ONE Parkland culture,” the company announced.

    Donna’s experience includes over 16 years at BP where she was Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

    Parkland USA joined the Skyline Products family in 2022, implementing PriceAdvantage across all their stores and integrating to Skyline signs for full closed-loop price change validation.

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