Retailer Executive of the Year:
Parkland’s Doug Haugh

  • Retailer Executive of the Year:
    Parkland’s Doug Haugh

    ConvenienceStore News has named Parkland USA President Doug Haugh as Retailer Executive of the Year. The article that includes an interview with Doug can be found here. It traces the chain’s rapid expansion from 20 company-owned stores to 212, and the development of their On the Run brand.

    At the beginning of 2022, Parkland USA selected PriceAdvantage for their retail fuel pricing software. In a press release announcing this selection, Jay Erickson, COO of Parkland USA said “With the current fluctuations in fuel costs, supply, and demand it’s more important than ever to have a responsive and accurate retail fuel pricing platform. PriceAdvantage’s proven technology will enable us to be agile with our pricing, which will help strengthen our business and ensure our customers continue to benefit from competitive prices.” By helping Parkland make strategic, up-to-the-minute pricing decisions, they can be responsive to evolving demands with peace of mind that changes are rapid and accurate.

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