What a User Conference!

  • What a User Conference!

    We just finished a fantastic PriceAdvantage User Conference, where we were able to spend quality time with so many of our customers. The attendees loved the opportunity to see where the product is heading, and to provide direct feedback into what PriceAdvantage should become. They also said how much they enjoyed spending time with other like-minded retail fuel pricing folks who understand their world. They also enjoyed the time they spent interacting directly with our development team.

    This is our third User Conference, and the attendees this year all told us they definitely want us to continue having these conferences.

    The PriceAdvantage team gets so much out of these interactions, both in the group settings, and in the 1:1 sessions. There are always brilliant new ideas that come up, ideas that no one individual could come up with on their own.

    We’re already looking forward to our 2020 User Conference!


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