Customer Advisory Board meets

  • Customer Advisory Board meets

    Today was the kickoff meeting for another PriceAdvantage Customer Advisory Board. The purpose of the PriceAdvantage Customer Advisory Board meetings are to provide industry updates, as well as product feedback and direction to the PriceAdvantage team. The PriceAdvantage CAB helps to be the eyes and ears of what’s going on at the front lines of the c-store industry. On this advisory board we have the wisdom of these industry leaders:

    • Varish Goyal, President, Vintners Distributors
    • Kyle Lawrence, President, By-Lo Oil (Speedy Q)
    • Tom DiMercurio, CFO, Flyers
    • Karen Meyer, Fuel Pricing Manager, J&H Oil
    • Ben Stealy, Fuel Pricing Manager, Mapco
    • Tom Navarre, VP Petroleum Marketing & Logistics, Family Express

    In our meeting today, each member provided an overview of their business and the strategies they use to compete. Then we discussed future product versions and specific features of PriceAdvantage as a team so everyone could weigh in on what’s important.

    Customer collaboration is an integral part of how we do business here at PriceAdvantage. I look forward to our ongoing meetings with this group, and learning from their collective wisdom.

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