Retail fuel margins remain $0.02 higher than last year

  • Retail fuel margins remain $0.02 higher than last year

    The OPIS report today showed that retail fuel margins across the US remain strong. The average retail fuel margin now stands at $0.247 per gallon, down $0.028 per gallon from last week, but still $0.025 per gallon higher than this same week last year.

    The year to date average is the same as last week, remaining at $.205 per gallon. The average for the quarter is down slightly to $0.297 per gallon. The six week average is up slightly to $0.311 per gallon.

    What can we expect in the upcoming weeks? Last year we saw margins dip slightly through the rest of November, before bottoming out the end of December. Last year the final week of the year had retail fuel margins of $0.14 per gallon, which was $0.09 per gallon lower than this equivalent week last year. If wholesale costs don’t drop further, we may see such a drop again.

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