New Natural Gas station map includes driving range

  • New Natural Gas station map includes driving range

    The Natural Gas Vehicles for America, a national organization “dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane”, just unveiled a new interactive map to show natural gas stations and driving ranges from those stations. You can find the map here.

    The map shows both CNG and LNG stations throughout the US. Existing stations and planned stations are included, as well as both public and privately owned stations.

    According to NGV America, there are now 1,436 CNG and 101 LNG natural gas stations operating in the US, and it is projected that an additional 250 to 300 new stations will be built in 2014. Only a little more than half of these stations are “public access”. For comparison sake, there are currently over 126,000 gasoline / c-store stations across the US.

    The highest density of planned CNG stations include the front range of Colorado, connecting the southern border of the state to northern Denver. Another planned increase of stations connects the southern end of San Diego to the Los Angeles basin, including Riverside. There is another series of stations planned to connect the DC area up to central Ohio, across Pennsylvania east to New Jersey, and north to Connecticut and Rhode Island. The number of planned CNG stations outnumbers the number of planned LNG stations 2:1.

    What does this mean from a fuel price management perspective? While we’re not seeing a wave of new natural gas stations popping up across the US to meet the overwhelming demand, there may be opportunities to add natural gas to your product portfolio based on the demographics of your customer base.

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