Retail fuel margins drop for third consecutive week

  • Retail fuel margins drop for third consecutive week

    The OPIS report today showed the average retail fuel margin across the US dropped for the third consecutive week, down $0.012 to $0.211 per gallon. The year to date average increased slightly to $0.185 per gallon, while average for the quarter dropped $0.004 to $0.245 per gallon. The six week average was down as well, hitting $0.251 per gallon.

    From a fuel price management perspective, we can say that though the retail fuel margins have been on a downward trend heading into Labor Day, it has still been a strong summer and a strong quarter overall.

    The average retail fuel margin this week is $0.042 above the equivalent Friday last year.

    Last year this week proved to have the the lowest average retail margin of the quarter. From this point on, September 2013 showed a series of weekly increases, finishing the month up $0.113 to $0.282 per gallon. We’ll see if retail fuel margins this year can follow the same pattern and make for a robust Q3.

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