Retail fuel margins suddenly below last year

  • Retail fuel margins suddenly below last year

    According to the OPIS report today, the average retail fuel margin across the US dipped below the equivalent date for last year. The average retail fuel margin is now $0.021 below last year, the first time the weekly average is below 2013 since July 4.

    The retail fuel margin average now stands at $0.235 per gallon, down $0.041 from last week, compared to $0.256 last year. The year to date average continued its upward trend by rising $0.002 to $0.183 per gallon. The Q3 average was slightly less this week at $0.253 per gallon, while the six week average rose $0.007 to $0.263 per gallon.

    Last year, the next three weeks showed a margin drop of seven cents per gallon. We’ll see if this year we can keep margins at current levels and maintain the strong Q2 numbers we’re seeing so far.

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