Retail fuel margins $.11 below last year

  • Retail fuel margins $.11 below last year

    The latest OPIS report revealed that retail fuel margins last year at this time were $0.117 per gallon higher than this year.

    The current retail fuel margin average stands at $0.157 per gallon, $0.003 below last week. Last year at this time the average retail fuel margin was a robust $0.274 per gallon.

    The year to date retail fuel margin average remains unchanged at $0.164 per gallon while the Q2 average dipped to $0.169. The six week average took the biggest hit in four weeks, dropping $0.015 per gallon to $0.173 per gallon.

    Overall, June was a tough month, with the retail fuel margin averaging only $0.171 per gallon. In 2013 the June average was $0.210 per gallon. In 2013 the Q2 average was $0.191 per gallon, $0.022 above this year.

    After the rough first half of the year we can only hope wholesale costs will give us a reprieve so we can allow margins to catch up. Unfortunately, with all the unrest in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, there is no certainty in our wholesale cost trends, and we’ll be forced to make the most of anything we can, squeezing every penny out of every hour.

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