Introducing PriceAdvantage fuel software version 2014.1

  • Introducing PriceAdvantage fuel software version 2014.1

    The PriceAdvantage team is pleased to announce the first new release of the year, version 2014.1. This is yet another release based on close collaboration with our customers. See the following list for some highlights.

    1. The average retail fuel price for Regular Unleaded displays at the top of the Fuel Pricing view and All Stores web page, allowing you to quickly see the average Unleaded retail fuel price for any market you are viewing.

    2. Hover over the Replacement Margin and see the rack cost and import date, so you can be certain the displayed margins are current and up to date.

    3. Maps display the Regular Unleaded price for stores and competitors without having to click the pushpin, allowing you to see at a glance your price relative to the price of your competitors, and quickly know whether or not your current prices are in-line with your strategies.

    4. Optionally set the retail sales tax for each store and include that percentage in the dynamic calculation of replacement margins when playing what-if pricing scenarios.

    The feedback from our customers is that version 2014.1 continues to raise the bar in our easy to use interface. We take great pride in making fuel software that offers our customers a highly intuitive user interface, and we will continue to focus on that as a strategic advantage throughout 2014.

    In 2013 we released five versions of PriceAdvantage, and we’re off to a great start in 2014. Stay tuned for more exciting software releases from us this year, and as always, please contact me at [email protected] with any suggestions you’d like to see in a new version.

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