Retail fuel margins dip this week

  • Retail fuel margins dip this week

    The latest OPIS report shows that average retail fuel margins across the US dipped slightly this week. The average retail fuel margin average now stands at $0.145 per gallon, down $0.012 per gallon. The year to date retail fuel margin average is $0.159. The six week average is $0.148 per gallon, down for the fourth consecutive week.

    The equivalent day this time last year saw average retail fuel margins at $0.218 per gallon. Still, even with margins that high for this specific week last year, the year to date margins for 2013 at this point in time were $0.151 per gallon, so average retail fuel margins this year are up $0.008 compared to 2013.

    Last year retail fuel margins remained flat to finish off the quarter. Hopefully history will repeat itself and we’ll see a strong finish to 2014 Q1 margins and remain at the $0.159 level.

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