Comparing CST Brands fuel results to Susser

  • Comparing CST Brands fuel results to Susser

    It’s interesting to mine retail fuel information from financial results of publicly held c-store companies. For example, take a look at the numbers achieved by CST Brands and compare them to Susser for the 2013 fiscal year.

    Go beyond the store count, and the fact that CST Brands is managing nearly twice as many stores. Zero in on the specifics of gallons per store and gross margin in cents per gallon. Then extrapolate the average fuel profit per store in 2013. The results are displayed in the table below.

      Stores Gallons Sold Gallons/Store Gross Margin (CPG) Average Profit Per Store in 2013
     CST Brands              1,036    1,889,565,580          1,823,905            $0.140  $255,347
     Susser              561        936,232,000          1,668,863            $0.114  $190,250




    Not only is CST Brands out performing on fuel volumes, but on fuel margins as well.

    These results lead to the question, what is CST Brands doing so right? Certainly one answer has to be that CST Brands has been using PriceAdvantage as their retail fuels software for over one year now, and achieving great results.

    As one PriceAdvantage customer put it “It helps when you have PriceAdvantage to manage stores!”

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