Retail fuel margins rise again

  • Retail fuel margins rise again

    Today’s OPIS report shows the average retail fuel margin across the US rose $0.023 per gallon this week to $0.157 per gallon. That’s the second consecutive margin increase, returning average fuel prices to levels last seen one month ago.

    The year to date average is $0.160 per gallon and the six week average is $0.154 per gallon.

    It was a year ago this week that retail fuel margins jumped nearly $0.10 per gallon, where they reached a high for the 2013 year to date of $0.261 per gallon. That means current retail fuel margin levels are now nearly $0.11 per gallon below last year.

    Last year at this time we saw two consecutive margin decreases, and then a particularly difficult spring, where out of ten consecutive weeks from March into May, there were only two weeks showing margin increases. We can only hope that prices have already reached seasonal highs, giving retail fuel margins a chance to catch up and perhaps even gain some ground.

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