Managing your Retail Fuel Business with PriceAdvantage: Part 1

  • Managing your Retail Fuel Business with PriceAdvantage: Part 1

    When you are managing the volatile and highly competitive retail fuel business of today, you need the best near-real-time information you can get in order to gain a competitive advantage.  But at many levels within the organization, the data is simply not readily available in near-real-time. And if this data is available, it is not presented in a meaningful way for managers of retail fuel to quickly see answers to their questions. For example, we have found that accounting reports at the end of the week, month and quarter fall far short of providing retail fuel managers what they need. 

    PriceAdvantage provides  26 industry-specific reports and SNAP analytics designed specifically with the fuel manager in mind, equipping him with the insight needed to make the strategic decisions that rise above the competition. Our integrations with back office partners like PDI, Pinnacle, and TelaPoint make data retrieval and data presentation a core competency of PriceAdvantage.  

    For example, the PriceAdvantage Volume Correlation report allows the fuel manager to see the correlation of in-store sales with fuel sales. View market trends graphically and in heat maps so you can quickly identify any strategy changes happening in the market landscape. Use scorecard reports to see the store execution of fuel pricing responsibilities, allowing the fuel pricing team to make pricing decisions hour to hour, and equipping executives with the insight they need to make strategic market decisions. 

    When you manage your retail fuel business with the PriceAdvantage solution, you are working with a partner who can make you successful with the largest and most price-sensitive product category: FUEL.

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