Retail fuel margins dive

  • Retail fuel margins dive

    OPIS reported today that average US retail fuel margins dropped by $0.08 per gallon this week to levels last seen in July of this year. The average retail fuel margin in the US now stands at $0.142 per gallon which is $0.10 per gallon lower than the beginning of the month. The six week average dipped to $0.204 per gallon and the average for Q4 lost one cent to $0.214 per gallon.

    The last time retail fuel margins were below $0.15 per gallon was July 19, when retail fuel margins were at $0.10 per gallon. This week last year, the average retail fuel margin across the US was $0.192 per gallon. Last year at this time we saw one more week of margin declines, followed by three weeks of steady increases in December. In 2012 retail fuel margins ended the year at $0.132 per gallon.

    Hopefully we’ll see this three week trend of decreases end soon and get a rebound heading into December.


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