Ford announces availability of CNG capable 2014 model F-150

  • Ford announces availability of CNG capable 2014 model F-150

    Today Ford announced that the first 2014 model F-150 that can run on either CNG or LPG is now rolling off the assembly line. With the combined gasoline and CNG, the range of the F-150 will be up to 750 miles, with an estimated mileage rating of 23 mpg highway and 19 mpg city. Ford is now the first manufacturer to offer a CNG / LPG capable half-ton pickup.

    Natural gas upfits can range from $6000 to $9500 depending on tank capacity. At the time of this posting, the national average for unleaded fuel is $3.29 while the average for CNG is $2.10. Nearly 20 states in the US offer tax incentives or rebates for CNG converted vehicles. These vehicles are being targeted toward the business and fleet buyer. For example, in Florida, the fleet buyer can take advantage of $25,000 in rebates starting next year.

    Ford also announced that by summer of 2014, they will be offering eight commercial vehicles with a natural gas prep option, more than any other full-line manufacturer.

    Besides the advantage of a lower cost per gallon, natural gas also burns more cleanly and 85% of natural gas is produced in the US.

    Add this all up for the convenience store fuel retailer, and it’s yet another indicator that natural gas is gaining momentum as an alternative fuel option. Is it time to consider adding it to your fuels portfolio?

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