PriceAdvantage first to market with Margin Percentage report

  • PriceAdvantage first to market with Margin Percentage report

    In October 2013, PetrolPlaza recorded an interview with me to discuss the unveiling of the new PriceAdvantage “Margin Percentage” report. The full interview can be found here.

    This new report allows retail fuel managers to view retail fuel margins as a percentage of fuel price. Traditionally retail fuel margins have always been measured in terms of cents per gallon, with a generalized definition of success as being $0.15 – $0.20 per gallon. The problem with this thinking is that this number was defined back when retail fuel prices were in the sub-$2.00 per gallon range. Now that retail fuel prices are at $3.00 levels and above, these same cents per gallon ranges represent a much lower percentage of the retail price. Compared to other c-store product category margins, these are a very low percentage of price indeed, and that can be quite alarming to marketing managers who are less familiar with the fuels business.

    In fact, marketing managers are often perplexed when fuels managers express fuels margins in terms of cents per gallon. That’s where this new report provides a nice bridge between retail fuels groups and marketing. The traditional cents per gallon way of measuring fuels margins is not going away any time soon, so this report displays side by side margins as cents per gallon, and as percentage of price. Thus the Margin Percentage report acts as both a translator between two divisions of the company, and as a new perspective into profits.

    The September issue of CSP magazine included an article titled “Stop Making Cents?“. It was this issue that introduced the idea to the PriceAdvantage team, and we’re proud to say that between the time when the article was released in September, and the NACS show in October, we were able to develop and demonstrate the Margin Percentage report in our NACS exhibit booth. Customers and prospects loved it, with the feedback being that this report will make it so much easier to communicate with Marketing departments, and to ultimately optimize store profits.


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