USA Today article touts food quality of Parker’s, Rutter’s and Sheetz

  • USA Today article touts food quality of Parker’s, Rutter’s and Sheetz

    A USA Today article titled “Park, pump and pig out” touts the c-store trend of offering gourmet food. PriceAdvantage customers Parker’s, Rutter’s, and Sheetz are mentioned specifically, and Greg Parker is quoted briefly.

    Here’s a clip from the article:

    “We currently do $6 million in annual sales,” Parker says. “Our store was actually picked by TripAdvisor last year as the fourth-best restaurant in the city.”

    That’s probably because the crab stew consistently wins awards. And the extensive wine list works well with the upscale Southern comfort foods served. Its charming, 6,000-square-foot space doesn’t hurt, either. A renovated automobile dealership from the late 1800s with Mediterranean-style architecture, it is certainly eye-catching, a place where you want to linger.

    “Our head chef trained under the tutelage of her grandmother,” Parker says. “We all revere her food.”

    I wrote another blog post about how Fuel profit optimization is most powerful when viewed as part of the overall gross profits of the store. In some cases, the advertised fuel price is strategically used as an advertisement to attract customers to the high margin food and store merchandise product offerings. In other cases, it is the quality food that drives traffic to the store, and customers will fuel up after finishing their meal.

    No doubt overall store profitability needs to be measured in terms of fuel, merchandise and food. PriceAdvantage working in conjunction with PDI allows you to see the correlation between these three pillars of profitability, determine the market profile of each location with its specific elasticity between product categories, and optimize profits based on the synergy of all strategies working in union.

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