Many more hydrogen fueling stations coming to California

  • Many more hydrogen fueling stations coming to California

    California plans to increase the number of hydrogen fueling stations in their state from 9 to 109 over the next ten years, according to PetrolPlaza news. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill committing $20 million per year to build out the hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

    Plans are in place to have 12 new stations in California by early 2014, and there is already funding for seven more stations. Auto manufacturers acknowledge this commitment is critical to the adoption of hydrogen vehicles they plan to introduce in the coming years. Toyota says they are on track to deliver a mass production hydrogen vehicle in 2015. Hyundai also plans to lease 1000 hydrogen cars in the US in 2015.

    While this doesn’t mean petroleum fuels are going to be dethroned as the highest volume fuel product offered by fuel retailers, it does mean that in certain markets, particularly in California, it may make sense to look into a hydrogen station as part of the c-store overall branding. At least it projects a progressive image, and hydrogen is certainly going to offer much higher margins than traditional fuels, given the lack of competition and market maturity.

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