The power of applying mobile technology to fuels pricing

  • The power of applying mobile technology to fuels pricing

    Mobile technology hasn’t just increased the ease with which we travel, check the news, and plan our day. Mobile technology has revolutionized fuel pricing software. In fact, it’s safe to say that fuel pricing software makes for a highly compelling case for why to use mobile technology at all. Mobile fuel pricing software accelerates the communication of key information necessary to gain insight into the latest, most accurate market data, allowing fuels managers to quickly enact changes anywhere and anytime, and thereby optimize profits.

    Cloud computing and mobile technology give retail fuels managers greater control over their fuels pricing by consolidating resources and making information more readily accessible. Mobile fuels pricing integrates data from disparate systems into one simple yet comprehensive display, giving managers all the information they need to make strategic pricing decisions, and then act on them. The PriceAdvantage mobile capability allows managers to view this information in an easy to use interface from the Smartphone, iPad, or other mobile device. Managers have this information at their fingertips 24/7, increasing the speed at which they can make informed decisions. PriceAdvantage gives managers complete control of the fuel pricing process through mobile technology, day or night.

    Aside from reducing communication headaches by streamlining the price change process, the PriceAdvantage mobile fuel pricing software gives fuels managers a comprehensive picture of what the competition is doing. It returns competitor price changes and surveys as soon as they are reported, keeping managers up-to-date with market shifts. PriceAdvantage also offers advanced analysis views which allow the fuels manager to slice and dice the market data in a meaningful way and answer key questions.

    The advanced PriceAdvantage mobile solution provides a superior way to manage the enterprise proactively rather than simply conforming to trends. PriceAdvantage users can set the standard in their region with increased speed-to-the-street. By giving managers the tools to understand the pricing environment, the PriceAdvantage mobile application removes all the waste, delays, and mis-communication from the process. This up-to-date information helps fuels managers anticipate the next move of the competition based on past competitor behavior and current margins, so all pricing decisions are strategic. This mobile capability allows managers to stay connected and respond to market changes at home, in transit, or even while in the stands at a child’s soccer game.

    Another way mobile technology increases the level of control is by sending automatic alerts with every price change confirmation or delay. Fuel managers can set alerts within the system to inform them whenever surveys are overdue or price changes are late. That makes it easy to see when and where any problems occurred, and quickly react to correct the delay at its source. Rather than forcing managers to sift through data to find the issue, PriceAdvantage mobile technology identifies the location of the pain point to make it easy to determine how to correct it.

    Fuel pricing software is a key component of the modern retail fuels marketplace, and combining it with mobile solutions technology allows any fuels manager to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition.

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