When natural disasters strike

  • When natural disasters strike

    Fifteen months ago I wrote an article about natural disasters and fuel price management because the city of our home office was experiencing terrible forest fires. Since then another major section of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area suffered a forest fire, even larger than the fire of 2012.

    I write this blog article to revisit the topic because the state of Colorado is now going through some of the worst flooding in its history, with many properties devastated, and lives lost.

    From a fuels price management perspective, these Colorado floods are a significant disruption to the business of fuels management. Roads are difficult to travel, making it a problem to deliver fuel loads, and difficult for customers to travel. Demand for fuels in affected areas will unquestionably be low and possibly next to nothing. Some stores may even have to close temporarily.

    In the future when we refer back to these days, it’s critical that your fuel software has the ability to annotate the special circumstances surrounding these business disruptions. PriceAdvantage provides an easy interface to add notes to the volume graphs for each day when the disruption can be recorded for future reference. Then in comparison analysis views, it’s easy to recall the reason why there are such glaring anomalies in fuels volumes.

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