Retail fuel margins dip again

  • Retail fuel margins dip again

    According to today’s OPIS report, retail fuel margin averages across the United States fell for the second straight week. This week retail fuel margins decreased $0.018 per gallon and now stand at $0.169 per gallon.

    The year to date average dipped slightly to $0.181 per gallon. The Q2 average also slipped, to an average margin of $0.199 per gallon. The six week average stands at $0.203 per gallon and the average margin since Memorial Day is $0.204.

    Retail margins this year are $0.025 per gallon higher than this time last year.

    With the Syrian conflict in all the news and the rising cost of crude, there was fear of tanking retail fuel margins heading into the Labor Day holiday, but it looks like the c-store retail industry will be able to survive this weekend with reasonable margins and head into the next season with a solid year to date margin average.

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