Retail fuel margins add to gains of last week

  • Retail fuel margins add to gains of last week

    OPIS reported this week that average retail fuel margins across the US added to the gains of last week and increased by $0.038 to $0.214 per gallon. That makes for an $0.114 increase from just two weeks ago when retail fuel margins were at an abysmal $0.100 per gallon.

    Though the increase in margins this week did not bring retail fuel averages to the levels of July 5 when margins were at the highest level of the year at $0.302 per gallon, the increase did raise year to date margins to $0.178 and the Q2 average to $0.193. The six week margin average stands at a strong $0.206 per gallon.

    Considering the prediction for increased retail fuel prices by many industry analysts, margins this week didn’t suffer by any such retail fuel price rise. Hopefully retail fuel prices can remain steady throughout the summer and make for a profitable season.

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