New study reinforces the importance of communicating gas prices to mobile sites

  • New study reinforces the importance of communicating gas prices to mobile sites

    A new Mobile Path to Purchase study based on a survey from 2000 US smart phone and tablet users reinforces the importance of fuel retailers keeping their retail fuel prices current on mobile gas price sites. Gas was the answer given for the type of search by 90% of smartphone users and 87% of tablet users who were asked why did they go to the location to make a purchase. Gas price and location were the key elements of these mobile search conversions.

    Industry leader xAd and long-time partner and call measurement provider Telmetrics have partnered to release first-to-market Mobile Path-to-Purchase research studies conducted by The Nielsen Company. The studies dissect consumer mobile usage and purchase behavior related to the Travel, Restaurant, Auto, Retail, Insurance, Banking & Finance and Gas & Convenience industry verticals.

    The results of these studies provide valuable insights into the mobile tools utilized in the process of research and decision, and strong mobile user intent to purchase.

    “Mobile is the dominant media used in this on-the-go [gas and convenience] category and while searchers are making most decisions within an hour, they are paying attention to advertising and taking time to conduct price and location searches,” said Monica Ho, vice president of marketing at xAd.

    The gas and convenience retail category has nearly a 90% conversion rate for mobile users who ultimately make a purchase. “With some of the heaviest app usage and highest conversion rates we’ve seen in our Mobile Path-to-Purchase research series, it is important that gas and convenience advertisers work with marketing providers that ensure their businesses can be found in apps in addition to mobile sites,” said Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics. “Advertisers have a chance to drive more purchases by ensuring their mobile presence is optimized with location and pricing [information].”

    From a fuel price management perspective, this study drives home the point that publishing fuel prices to the “virtual signs” on the web is critical for bringing more traffic to the store. The patented PriceAdvantage SMART fuel pricing solution provides the ability to publish gas prices to OPIS and GasBuddy so that stores appear on the gas price search apps, and display the proper prices to the mobile audience.

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